#Gamergate this Blog and I.

It’s been a while. But i am trying to get back to do this more regularly. And, in the light of the ongoing controversy, i will hold back opinions on it. This Blog is not, and will not be intentionally pushing either agenda.

Of course i have an opinion (it is impossible not to) but it won’t matter much. Because, this Blog will be about games. About the tech in it. About the stories games tell, if they are enjoyable or not and if i think it’s worth your money. No more, no less. This is a rather simple premise and i hope to keep it.

As for me, i do have a day job so i will not always be around. I try to churn out a post every now and again, and more and more regularly to get back into writing later on more regularly. So if it’s a bit rough and shaky in the beginning, please bear with me.

All in all 🙂 I think i can do this! So i will do my best to do this.

I’m always grateful, and happy about feedback in suggestions too.

See you soon 🙂


Quickshot Review: Petz: Catz 2

On the  special wish of a certain person at steamgifts i spent a little time on playing Petz: Catz 2. And i have to say: The first ten minutes of the game are actually quite fun. You chose a breed of cat, and start training it, that is where a game  starts taking itself way to seriously. It looks okay for a pet simulator, also it it feels and acts like game well made. The controlscheme though is basically annoying. You are supposed, to control your doglike cat (really, have you ever tried to teach a real cat to roll over on your word?) with a bunch or series of gestures you draw with your mouse. This looks quite nice in theory, but turns out awful when you try to send your Mr. Bubbles to the toilet. Graphically it’s not overwhelming, but also nowhere near godawful. The games sounds accurate but it’s nothing special. It may be fun for 3-12-year, or people who never owned and appreciated a cats special traits.

If you are looking for a cute pet simulation, this is the right thing for you. If you want a cute game, filled with a bunch of minigames, and giving you quite a laugh once in a while, you should resort to Catz 5  though.

Quickshot Flashgame Review: Frog Fractions


I can’t describe the madness, and all the weirdness that game gives you, though, it varies in gameplay, it’s molten crazy, in a little browser window. The Parts themselves, are nothing special, it is plainly the overall experience that makes your plain explode… the awesome way.

It has bugs, dragons, bacon, bugs, and dancing . All mashed into a pink goop of “unique one of a kind experience” greatness.

Be sure to check out this free little gaming gem 🙂

Frog Fractions

Dafuq did I just play: Secret of the Magic Crystals Part 1

Secret of the Magic Crystals is a simulation game, that puts you in control of a horsefarm in a magical fantasy setting. It was developed and released by company named Artery Studios.

Enter the doomsday Farm

When i decided to play and review the game, i didn’t bother looking it up, before i put it in that poll. Oh how i regret that decision right now.

I decided to do a 2-Part Review, because the Weekend is going to end, and i am pretty sure i want finish the game today. So let’s go into it.

When i first opened the game it showed me one of the more common outside of game configuration screens. I set my resolution accordingly and since the quality settings showed me “Fantastic” as a maximum setting, i decided to give that a go.

I waited eagerly through the pretty cartoon pre-game intro to finally appreciate the engine marvel that didn’t happen.

So first things first: You start out with a farm in bad shape and a single Unicorn. In order to train that unicorn, you have “unique” training course from weight pulling to dressage. Depending on which course you choose you get the same “Press-Arrow-Button-Game” just with a different setting. That wouldn’t be to annoying if you wouldn’t have to the same sequence over and over again. At this point, i was thinking, okay… relaxing easy game but then.. the music started burning my ears of. Cheap run of the mill guitar songs, that sound the same, and repeat themselves over and over again, even though they are different songs. So, no relaxation here.

To send your horses on quests, you click a Mailbox, choose the chore and then watch your horse leave. At least races are commented by a window displaying texts that comment what’s going on and the current standing of your vastly superior horses. Since you seem to own superhero horses, Demon horses, an array of mythological horselike animals, your competition doesn’t stand a chance.

All you see when you send your horses on a quest.

A closer look at the graphics reveals the Unity 3D Engine at it worst. Washed down textures, sloppy particle effects, and failing mipmaps. It leaves an overall SubPar impression on me.

Stay Tuned for “Dafuq did I just play: Secret of the Magic Crystals Part 2!”