#Gamergate this Blog and I.

It’s been a while. But i am trying to get back to do this more regularly. And, in the light of the ongoing controversy, i will hold back opinions on it. This Blog is not, and will not be intentionally pushing either agenda.

Of course i have an opinion (it is impossible not to) but it won’t matter much. Because, this Blog will be about games. About the tech in it. About the stories games tell, if they are enjoyable or not and if i think it’s worth your money. No more, no less. This is a rather simple premise and i hope to keep it.

As for me, i do have a day job so i will not always be around. I try to churn out a post every now and again, and more and more regularly to get back into writing later on more regularly. So if it’s a bit rough and shaky in the beginning, please bear with me.

All in all 🙂 I think i can do this! So i will do my best to do this.

I’m always grateful, and happy about feedback in suggestions too.

See you soon 🙂