Dafuq did I just play: Secret of the Magic Crystals Part 2

Secret of the Magic Crystals. An underground, Indie Game, Cult Classic. Since i pointed out enough about its technical flaws and shortcomings in the first part. Let me talk a bit about what the game is in the gaming culture. For an adult or even a teenage gamer this game is bad, no it’s godawful. But still, it is an incredible success and frequently used to troll people. Why is this? Well for one the huge success of “My Little Pony” coincided with the release of the game. Second it’s complete uselessness in points of story, diversity in gameplay and all its flaws, it is a pretty solid product. It has barely any flaws techwise it causes no problems for me. For the targeted peergroup of 3-12 year old girls it “could mean the world” as one of the devs told me.

For Adults it is a bad game, but also incredibly addictive, you can’t stop even though you are having the worst time of your gaming life. The game takes you, sucks you in chews you, and spits you out again. This leads me to one conclusion.

Either gamers all over the world are masochists, or the pitiful state that the game means to adult gamers creates some sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

No matter how, the game is not good enoguh to be considered a competition for any Triple A titles at all, on the other hand it’s not bad enough to justify me to go into a crazy rant.

To put it all in a nutshell. I am to old to really appreciate the game. But it gave me a laugh, something to rant about to my girlfriend.

I don’t have any particular feelings about it, neither good nor bad. And that, in my eyes, is the worst thing a game can do.

A final word to developers:

You did good for kids. You create an awesome troll. If people give you hate for that, that’s because they would hate anything. And if you want to spread the game more, this would work great on facebook 🙂


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