Bloaty Markety Stuffs

Weeeeell. Known for not shutting up, I have been quiet for a while. On here at least. Let’s do a bit catching up, shall we?

What do i want to discuss? Let’s have a look:

This is a good point to start. Some dude, writes about an upcoming crash of crowdfunding. And things. Mainly, because this is a trust issue. Also, after the success of Double Fine’s Broken Age a whole lot of people rushed into the kickstarters and indiegogos of the world, trying to get their projects funded. 

In itself this was predictable. What also was very predictable, was major companies who didn’t really need the money rushing there, to cut the developement cost on their projects and in some cases, trying to fund a project at next to no cost for themselves. Now that the very successful and often discussed Occulus Rift Kickstarter has been bought by multimillion dollar company Facebook, it becomes clear that not all kickstarter campaigns are, in fact, legit independent teams trying to make their dreams come true.

Will this make people stop pledging from things they like to see done? Certainly not. Will the crowdfunding hype slow down? Certainly yes. 

While we won’t see a crash in everybodies, the crowdfunding campaigns will get smaller, and less in numbers. All the big shot moneybags are going back to investing their own money to make their projects happen, since crowdfunding is an extremely unstable and hard to calculate source of funds. Cheap money grabbers and fraudulent people will retreat, since the founding crowd is growing more and more cautious about it, and the risk is not worth the effort anymore. Most of what will be left will be genuines with more or less popular ideas that will get funded or not. 

Just for the record this is just an opinion, that formed in my head whilst i may not have all the data necessary to scientifiacally assess the situation. 

Up next: I’ll start a 21 day trial of Eve Online, and i intend to keep an Eve diary. Other than that, i’ll write about whatever my heart desires. 

Gaming Fatigue: The things I love(d) (what i would ask you to make if you’d ask me)

Okay, time for a bit of nostalgia. The positive kind, i would like to see again, new and improved of course. A fair warning, this post maybe lengthy. I may have been mildly critic in the past. Maybe to critic to stand out after all. let’s talk about good things. The things i love that are still around, and the things i loved that went of the grid of publicity.

To put it mildly, i did like the olden day RTS’s. The ones where you built a base, explored tech trees, and where you did it over and over again, as you proceded through a story driven campaign. I would love to have Command&Conquer back. Especially the branch that rooted out into the Red Alert Series. With all it’s wonderfully weird weaponry like Mind Control towers and and super soldiers. And NUKES! I think when the time comes for a new generation of base-building RTS, i will be the first in line to buy the wierdest, and funniest Alternate History scenario there is. They don’t have to be as deep as the current 4X games that are around now. They just have to do one thing: Let me explode stuff with even weirder stuff. Like… Parchuting Bears shot out of a Cannon….! for extra credit: give them Uniforms.

Another thing i loved about games where imaginative scenarios. I never was big on a score hunts. But i love exploring Kingdoms, worlds for that matter. i love the interactivity the Elder Scrolls provide. I love doing things just because i can. I may be a sucker for open worlds. I love the occasional joke in Storytelling. A cute little reference that makes me smile. Oh.. and make your scenarios colorful. I don’t want a game to be realistic. i got reality down. Make them colourful. All those pretty colours in all the palettes. Use them ^^ it’s lovely. Give me the Impossible, let me command my ships again like in Sid Meiers Pirates! Let me fly my Space Fighter in enourmous Battles to save the universe. Give me Characters i can like. Let them grow at my command. I loved commanding great Armies just for the Scale of the game. Give me more than tactical skirmishes on a map the size of someones backyard.

I’d love more Dishonoreds, more Brütal Legends, more outstanding out weirding and estranging scenarios and games. Please… make them. You would make quite a few gamers very happy.

Me included.

Gaming Fatigue: The Sheer Mass Of Everything

The Mass of Everything that is thrown at me as a PC Gamer is almost im possible to comprehend. There are sales beyond numbers, Bundle over Bundle sneaks into my posession. An ever growing stteam library, not to speak of what’s in the Humblestore and on Desura. With all the games, a brain tends to just clog up and do something else instead of playing games.

Sure, games become shorter and shorter. but still, all the titles released every day is steadily increasing as the indie scene gains ground. I have no idea what to play first, especially when i want to write about it.

Another point is: with the mass of games. There is the point of Homogenity. We are used to getting the mostly same game fed to us every year by major publishers, over and over and over. The Indie Scene is going pretty much in the same the. Once a successfull indie scheme emerges. a load of commercial and uncommercial copycats emerge to cash in on the ride.

Next, with all the Marketing going on in the gamesworld it’s impossible to tell the crap from the gems and you can’t trust word of mouth anymore. It’s easy to run into fanboys, yelling at you for preferring game x over game y, using a lot of four letter words in their descriptions.

All in all. It’s just to much at times. i don’t like planning game time.

Series Time: Videogame Fatigue

Over 26 years of gaming I’ve had a lot of complaints.  A lot of “Hell-Yeah” Moments. And most of all, i had disappointments. I was disappointed in a lot of things. Games with a lot of Graphics, and basically no special gameplay. Games i just couldn’t get into even though everyone they are great. And then… Games that were totally up my alley, but refused to stick. Games were to easy, others to hard and others again were just not worth putting effort into.

Then MMO’s happened. Easily accessible, nicely polished, and super social. It was a point where it all was just Multiplayer this, Multiplayer that. I hated multiplayer. Still do. I was always more enjoying a good story, mixed with good gameplay, i never expected anyone to reinvent the wheel. I just wanted to be entertained.

For a long time. I haven’t been really entertained for a long time. Not so much because Gameplay hasn’t improved much. it’s because it feels like the Medium itself didn’t grow with me. Most game stories leave me with an empty feeling. Don’t really move me. Or make me think. Even the artsy ones. Games haven’t evolved above the status of children’s toys or popcorn movies. The leave me with a feeling of “oh look… i wasted my time” way to often. This doesn’t mean games are bad in general, but it’s a billion dollar market, i just expect there to be more by now.

With the up and coming indie scene, there’s all kinds of experimentation going on, but there is rarely the financial prowess to pull things of. Also a lot of  indie devs are doing a “Take Formula of I like Game X so i make Game Y, and add features i missed” Of course, there are exceptions. But they are far and few between and almost impossible to find, between all the clones and remakes.

However,  so far this has been random ramblings. But don’t fear. Over the coming weeks, i will use elaborate, in a more researched, more elaborate way how the current situation in the video game world affects me, and maybe other people as well in less random ramblings.

Uh… yeah… that: Space Suit Zero

I finished it, finally. Strike Suit Zero is quite an arcady Arcade Space shooter. Not the usual simulation type where you spent as much fiddling with settings and Loadouts, as you do with actual fighting. YOu fight your way to massive amounts of different enemy forces etc. etc. In terms of arcady shooters, it doesn’t reinvent the Genre or any part of the gameplay, but it does the job right. You get briefed, get to a basic loadout out screen where you usually end up picking the most powerful weapons you have available. On Specialty is of the game is worth a special mention: the Strike Mode. Strike Mode turns your average space superiority fighter into a slightly more stationary, but powerful robot-ish looking fighter thing. To do so, you need to collect a special kind of energy which you gain by destroying enemies. 


Graphically, the game turned out to be quite mediocre, which isn’t much of problem, since the pace of the game doesn’t actually leave you much to admire the view. This actually is the thing that got me through it. The pacing, together with Born Ready’s incredible sense for timing, and an awesome soundtrack are just enough to lift the game above the average arcade shooter. 


But there are downsides. Hard to overlook downsides. While soundtrack, and timing is awesome, and the graphics are okay, the story lacks consistency, a backstory and fails to transport the general threatening atmosphere that other (older) games of the kind transport. The presentation comes of as sloppy, due to a lot of shortcomings in story telling.  It feels kind of rushed as if after the game was finished, they just had to slap a story on it. So they used the popular Earth vs Colony war with a secret alien superweapon. 


All in all i can say, it’s a fun game. It has it’s shortcomings, but it’s solid, but not too much over average. If you are looking for another Freespace, look elswhere. If you just like blowing up spaceships. Buy this. 

Quick Cat filled fun: HackyCat (iOS)

HackyCat, a iOS game made by Ken Wong is a game about…well…Cats. In HackyCat the basic objective of the game is to keep the cats up in the air for as long as possible by kicking them in whatever direction you want with more cats coming in every once in a while. These cats have various abilities (e.g a fat cat which doesn’t travel as far in the air and flies towards the ground faster) and have their own distinct cartoony appearances which add to the game’s fun and appeal.

In-game there are objects called tofuburgers which you can collect with your cats to do what is called a “super-kick” which is a crosshair in the middle of the screen. Super-Kicking lets you free yourself from these cats if you get them in the crosshair, making the cats fully disappear into the sky to never come back again.However; the game ends if one of your cats hits the floor. Making it extremely tricky but fun if you have 5 cats on hand.Image

At the end of the game you get xp for how long you kept the cats in the air and for combos (if you hit them in quick succession). This xp goes towards your character level and can unlock things in the store. The tofuburgers however, that you collect in the game can be used to adopt more cats, buy more characters, stages, or different gameplay unlocks which brings new things into the game every time you play and making you come back for more.

In the end, I thought this game was well fleshed out that brings new things into the gameplay every time you play making you come back for more.

Why i don’t need multiplayer.

Multiplayer. Everything is about multiplayermodes these days. But, i don’t think that Multiplayer is mostly just a lazy way to expand the lifetime of a game that wouldn’t be played more than 4 hours anyway. Also, it makes some developers lazy. When i play games, i don’t care about achievements, about beating someone or having some sort of e-penislike e-thingy. The basic point in videogaming for me is, escaping reality for a few hours a week, and have some weirded out impossible fun, without being to passive about it.

Sometime i just enjoy the stories people try to tell me, and other times i just want to enjoy other peoples ideas. Be it gameplay or otherwise. Even back in the day, when it was not mostly twelve-year-olds screaming obscenities into microphones or threatening to do unspeakable things to my mother, i was more of a laid back version of a gamer. In the late 90’s and early 2000s ther was the occasional lan-party in a friends basement, but that’s about it. I just don’t seem to connect to the competitiveness in this. This might have several reasons.

For one, I really suck at playing games against other people. Considering i play most of my games at least at hard, this might come of a little odd, but usually it comes down to other people playing the same game too. And they are people doing ridiculously stupid and unpredictable things. Sure, Working in IT taught me to expect people to unbelievably stupid things, but i like my games, less surprising.

Also… most players are bad losers, and most of the time, even worse winners. Yeah, right, i beat people fair and square, and am called a cheater, well okay, that happens very little to me, because most of the time i lose. But, the winning team or player in the game, most of the time really wants to add insults. I don’t understand this form of behavior. Not in the slightest. I win. It’s good. Sure… But when i win, i don’t have to call other people names, or put my virtual balls in their face. People may find this offensive.

Well, i think i should conclude. Multiplayer is not for me. So people…. make more singleplayer games! And be nice to each other.